Teena EP



Trilateral Music Group
Release date: 07-03-2020
Digital: trilaterals.bandcamp.com

Track list:
01: Teena’s Mood
02: Teena’s Bounce
03: Afro-LaTeena
The Trilaterals welcome the summer with a new EP showing love for Teena Marie. The trio apply their three producers, one sample process to Portuguese Love. This quiet storm classic can be found on her fourth album, It Must Be Magic, originally released in 1981 on Motown.

“Teena’s Mood” by Aljax3 is a mid-tempo groove inspired by Theo Parrish’s remix of Slowly Surely, by Jill Scott. Teena’s Mood takes an inside look at the creative process that all music producers go through. Does your mood dictate the song or does the song dictate your mood? Aljax3 looks to answer that question.

“Teena’s Bounce” by Third Sun takes you on a broken beat journey that zigs and zags in all the right directions.

“Afro-LaTeena” by Kristi Lomax re-imagines the song as a Afro House track.

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