Loose Ends Project

 Loose EndsLoose Ends Project

Trilateral Music Group

Release date: 8-13-19
Digital: trilaterals.bandcamp.com

Track list:

01: Loosey
02: Hang On
03: Hangin’ On A String (loosely deconstructed mix)

For their fourth artist remix project the Trilaterals turn to 80s U.K. R&B trio, Loose Ends. They apply their “three producers, one sample” process to the group’s first hit, “Hangin’ On A String (Contemplating)”. In 1985 the song swept across the U.S. heading straight to the top of the Billboard R&B Chart, making them the first black British band to ever hit number 1. The Trilaterals are proud to present a set of remixes that re-imagine this beloved soul classic.

“Loosey” is a hypnotic midtempo groove from Aljax3 that teases the emotion of nostalgia for those familiar with this hit. Percussive rhythms, filtered vocals, and a heavily chopped up melody combine to make “Loosey” an intoxicating track.

“Hang On” by Third Sun takes you on a musical journey that begins with heavy drums and vocal samples that open into a deep funky bass line, with lush synths, and stylistic vocal flourishes.

Kristi Lomax strips the original down to the bone, adding a haunting quality to the vocals that ride over an equally sparse drum pattern before turning into a nocturnal-friendly bubbler, filled with piano stabs and a percolating bass line.

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