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Prince under the stars

The idea of going to see a movie in a cemetery is still a bit out there (which is probably why I didn’t see many black folks), but I’ve always wanted to do it. Two weeks ago the annual outdoor screening series kicked off with Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, but Purple Rain was the perfect film to get over my superstitions. I thought the cemetery was only for fallen film stars of yesteryear, but as we drove through the grounds, it was evident that all were welcome. Many of the head stones where I parked had Armenian names and were lavish works of art.

Prior to the start of the movie, photo tributes to Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper, and a live performance from Dam Funk got the crowd hyped. The minute we heard the opening chords to Let’s go crazy, everyone started screaming, dancing, and singing along, and it continued for the entire film!

Turns out film screenings in a cemetery known for it’s famous residents is the perfect place to celebrate the arts! Visit Cinespia for a list of upcoming screenings.

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The growing crowd, ready for a night of Dance Music Sex Romance.

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Dam Funk playing Prince B-sides, rarities, and music from his disciples.

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Peanut Butter Wolf (stones throw), Dam Funk (stones throw), Carlos Nino (KPFK, Build An Ark)

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Candles in the air as everyone sang the title song.

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